The UNPLUGGED ADVENTURE program starts early in the morning with a well prepared breakfast at the Guest House

After that we drive between 10 to 50 min depending where we are putting in… witch river or lake are we visiting. 

Unplugged offers those wanting to get away from it all overnight float trips on area rivers or lakes such as the Chimehuín, Caleufu, Aluminé, Lolog, Lacar or Huechulafquen. Guests enjoy a completely catered multi-day camping trip offering long days and incredible fishing without any drive time. Guests will normally cover between six and nine miles daily and always float into a new campsite in the case of a Drifting program. At lakes we have a fixed camp area where will be back every night as a Base Camp. Our campsite have been designed for our guests comfort and enjoyment.

In addition to oversize cots and tents, our camps come with 12-volt lighting system, spacious wall tent for dining, and hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness.

Camping is often the highlight of the whole trip, specially for those who like to fish/relax/hike a few more hours. We recommend two nights minimum and four nights maximum to enjoy the experience to its fullest.




8:30 AM Drive from the Guest House to Chapelco Ski Center (20/30 min drive).

6:30 PM Drive back to the Guest House were appetizers will be served!


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