QUAIL HUNTING  SEASON : May 1st to August 31st

Patagonia Quail Season begins May 1st and ends in August.

The QUAIL HUNTING day starts early in the morning with a well prepared breakfast at the Guest House.

After that we drive 20/30 min to a specific area. 

The Host will set a meeting with a Guide that will work around  in order to find as many Quails as possible. Is a very fun and unforgettable experience. Quail hunting is classic upland shooting over pointing dogs. Anyone with a passion for hunting over dogs will appreciate this challenging alternative to high-volume shooting. Large covey of hard flying California quail, some as large as 60 to 80 birds.Hunters follow well trained pointing dogs through the valley in search of the large coveys. While California quail in the western states have a reputation for running their South American cousins have not developed that strategy and hold incredibly well for the point dogs.

This program normally will take just half a day. Giving us the possibility to do something else for the rest of the day. You may choose between Morning or Afternoon session.

At noon lunch will be served at the Guest House.




9:30 AM Drive from the Guest House to the hunting area (20/30 min drive).
01:15 PM Lunch is served at the Guest House.
6:30 PM Drive back to the Guest House were appetizers will be served!


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