Fly fishing is one of the things that put Patagonia on the map a long time ago. Now it is a ”GOLF destination”

Our fishing season runs from November through May. The Golf Course is open all year .

The average rainbow trout here measures 17 to 20 inches (51 to 56 cm). The brown trout, which is the distinction can grow up to 30+ inches. Thanks to the constant hatch of insects it is easy to spot fish feeding on or near the water’s surface. Making it ideal for ”sight fishing” with dry flies or nymphs. Join us on the ultimate angling challenging. This involves stalking feeding trout and casting an imitation insect upstream.

TROUTS Species

Ж Rainbow Trout     Ж Brown Trout     Ж Brook Trout    Ж Landlocked Salmon

The best way to choose your activity

Every night you choose what to do the next day. The Host or Guide will fill you up and suggest the best option due to weather and fishing conditions .

You may want to Fish half a day and play Golf half day .  Or just go Full day  to any of the activities .

Also visiting the ”Lanin”  National Park , Boat rides, Speed Boat rides, Spa & Massage services, Birding, Sightseeing, Hiking, Horse back riding, Bird Hunting, Red Stag Hunting and Video or Photography session are part of the activities you may want to do .

You will love it ! check out our videos .

What Clients Say

I like Fishing

We worked out the schedule a head of us… It’s  easy . Nine holes in the morning / last minute Hatch in the afternoon — Or the oposite– Morning Fishing / Afternoon Golf .

We loved it  !

Ill be back next year 



Tim S.

It was Excellent

Fishing was excellent. Golf was Supreme. It’s easy to find relaxing and private moments. Every day activity was a few minutes away. Fishing impressed me. Its not as hard as it seems .

Will be back ! Thanks Boris !

Alan V.

Thank you

We suggest you to hire this services. We had been treated as royalty ! My wife and I had a wonderful time .

Every day we did something different .

It was great ! Thank you Misha !

Michael S.

GOLF destination

The ”Chapelco” Golf course is SUPREME . The best of all was not to see people around you.  Every day we played there was not a single player around. And to me that was shocking ! 

Will do it again ! Thanks Misha and Boris.


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The perfect blend between Golf and Fishing.

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